Medical info

Attention: It is kindly reminded that under no circumstance can you be provided with medical information via the Internet, via mail, email or by phone. Information can only be provided after the examination of the animal at the Clinics.

School of Veterinary Medicine Clinics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The School of Veterinary Medicine Clinics hosts two Clinics and one Diagnostics Lab.

  • The Clinics Premises at the center of Thessaloniki host the Companion Animal Clinic, that provides medical services for dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals (serpents, guinea pigs, hamsters etc), and the Avian Medicine Unit, which is included in the Farm Animal Clinic and provides medical services for poultry and and pet birds.
  • The Farm Animal Clinic, at Kolchiko – Lagadas, offers medical services to small (sheep, goats) and large (bovine) ruminants, pigs and rabbits.
  • The Diagnostics Lab, hosted at the Clinics Premises, offers diagnostic services (blood, cell and serological testing etc) for the Clinics.

The Clinics Headquarters are located at the School’s Clinics Premises, 11, Stavrou Voutyra Street (near the old OSE train station, PC 546 27, Thessaloniki). You can view the Clinics maps to further locate the area.

Companion Animal Clinic

Setting an appointment for animal owners and visitors

The animal owners can visit the Clinic either after arrangement with their vet or on their own initiative. Whatever the case, calling the Clinic for an appointment beforehand will greatly reduce the waiting time at the reception hall. The contact number for appointments is +30 2310994403 (9:30-14:30). You will be informed of the day and time of your appointment, according to the schedule of the Clinic staff.

The working hours are:

  • Outpatients Clinic: Monday to Friday 9.00-12.00
  • Vaccinations: Fridays 9.00-12.00
  • The animals are hospitalized at the Clinic’s two infirmaries, working 24/7 (including weekends and holidays).

It is noted that only emergencies are accepted without appointments. The Companion Animal Clinic accepts emergencies throughout the week and during holidays, starting from 10/9/2012.

The working hours for emergencies are:
– From 14:00 to 9:00 of the following day, on weekdays
– 24-hour service during weekends and holidays

Scientific Units at the Companion Animal Clinic

  1. Medicine Unit
  2. Obsetrics and Surgery Unit
  3. Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit
  4. Exotic Animals Unit
  5. Equine Unit
  6. Imaging Diagnostics Unit

Educational purpose of the Clinics

The initial goal of the Clinics is to offer the best possible care for the animals and to train its students. The animals are examined by the students under supervision and attendance of the medical staff of the Clinics. For this reason, we ask for your understanding when the time needed at the Clinics for the examination of your animal is bigger than usually expected at a private clinic.

Farm Animal Clinic

You can contact the Avian Medicine Unit at 2310 994522, on Tuesdays between 1-2pm, and during the lecture hours.

The Farm Animal Clinic accepts animal patients all 24 hours. For information and available appointments, please contact the Clinic Secretary (tel: +30 23940 41667 & +30 6982546892, 9.00-13.00).

The newly built clinic at Kolchiko-Lagadas offers a 24-hour veterinary service for the farmers of the region. In addition, we operate an ambulatory subunit with two specially equipped cars for emergency veterinary cases that cannot be transferred to the clinic.

Bee Medicine inquiries can be addressed at 2310 999926 (School of Veterinary Medicine Building, University Campus).

Service Cost

The total appointment cost for an animal that is examined and treated at the Clinics of The School of Veterinary Medicine is approximate to the cost at a private clinic. Depending on the nature of the medical issue, the cost includes the clinical examination, the diagnostic exams, the possibility of surgery, medications, materials and nutrition during examination, treatment and hospitalization.

The visitor is given an estimated cost by the vet staff before any exam or treatment may be applied. The animal owners should understand that it is not always possible to determine the exact cost before any exam takes place. In the case that the animal should be hospitalized, a payment in advance is required, depending on the total estimated cost. The owners are also updated in case the actual cost exceeds the initial estimation during hospitalization.

Non-patient visits to the Clinics

Attention:The following contact info does not apply as contact info used for medical appointments for your animal.

If you would like to request information related to the Clinics of The School of Veterinary Medicine, or wish to schedule educational or other sorts of visits (for example, a journalist coverage for medical or other issues), please contact the Head of the Companion Animal Clinic (professor Timoleon Rallis, email at, the Head of the Farm Animal Clinic (professor Constantinos Boscos, email at or the Head of the Diagnostics Lab (associate professor Kritsepi-Konstantinou Maria, email at:, according to the occassion.